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Dignity and bulbs

> There was some truth in this whole thing, this list is dead! The only
> activity comes when there is some sort of flame or argument.

This list is here at the request of some AGA members.  It was never meant to
be a replacement for the "plant talk" on the APD.  Why re-invent the wheel?
Cynthia does a great job with the APD, and it serves its purpose admirably.
This list was set up to exchange information about the AGA and its events
and between its members on a more timely basis than is possible via a
quarterly paper publication.  If we find that this list serves no useful
purpose, we'll shut it down... all of us have better things to do with our
time than read nonsense, and I CERTAINLY have better things to do than
attempt to moderate a list that no one wants.

I said I'd do the job because we didn't exactly have anyone else leaping to
volunteer for the position.  Anyone else interested in taking over after the
most recent spate of completely content-less unpleasantness?  Maybe we can
blame Halloween?  The full moon?

>Can I ask a
> plant question here, so I may regain some measure of
>dignity here?

Sure you can ask a question... the dignity part is up to you. ;-)

> At what point do bulbs that havnt germinated be considred duds? I have the
> most problem with Barclaya bulbs. I buy large numbers of them and have a
> very low yeild. I even have aponogeton bulbs that must be a year old that
> have never sprouted. Shoud they sprout in two weeks, four weeks? And if
> are they worth keeping?

I've never had an Apongeton bulb sprout later than about 4 weeks after
submersion, usually much less time than that. Barclaya bulbs are a different
story.  I've had those sprout several months after planting.  I also have
heard from someone that I consider a reputable observer that they've had
Barclaya bulbs sprout as long as a year after planting.


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