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Re: Legal Question

As the desktop publisher of TAG, I submit to you that editor Mary McCaw,
at least, has already done so, twice. An article in TAG Vol 14 No 1,
called Brazilian Elodea, and in Vol 12 No 2 called Hydrilla
verticillata, were reprinted in their entirety with permission from the
Washington State Department of Ecology. As Robert suggested, perhaps
permission was automatically granted because this was a state-sponsored
paper. The only author listed was the Washington Ecology Department.


James Purchase wrote:
> Is it verbotten to post the original texts to the web? Or is it possible to
> get permission to do so? I remember a flurry of feathers flying a few years
> ago on the Crypts list when someone suggested that Jan post a number of
> scientif papers on Crypts that he often refers to., so maybe there are
> things I don't know (hence this question).


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