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Chattanooga Conference - last minute stuff

Apologies to the APD for distribution.  If you are still interested in
attending the AGA's Aquatic Plant Conference (Amano! Tom Barr! Some other
guys I've never heard of! Aquascaping Contest Winners Announced Live!
Cavort with other people just as nuts about this hobby as you!), please
e-mail Charlene the Organizer at ecn@tennis.org NOW.  More information can
be obtained from a PDF brochure off our website:


If you are already planning to attend, here is some important information
about shuttle bus service from the airport:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Charlene Nash <ecn@tennis.org>

Be sure to call Clarion way in advance (a few days) about
airport shuttle pickup. Their shuttle service is more complicated this year
than last year and please put a note on the apd to alert people flying in to
do the same-calling Clarion this week would probably be good to make
arrangements.   Charlene

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