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Re: Foreign Memberships

> But once it goes out digital, it's pretty much open for
> distribution, with or without permission.

I don't mean to be argumentative but,  for that matter, I
can easily share my printed TAG with anyone or scan it into
my Omni Page Pro OCR software and send it to someone.
Acrobat eBook Reader software obviously has a built-in
protection against the piracy on line by not allowing a
purchased eBook to be passed to other people.  This could be
also gotten around by scanning/OCR'ing the printed eBooks
and sending them to others or posting it to a website.

So whether printed or digitized, I don't think it makes too
much difference when it comes to piracy.

I might be naive about this, but unless we are talking about
making a lot of money with these publications rather than
making them the privilege of being a member, do we really
need to
worry about this?


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