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Re: Foreign Memberships

S. Hieber wrote:

Anyhow, it seems then, if I am finally catching on, that we are looking for a distribution system, in effect middle-women or middle-men that have access to groups of non-USA members. So we (how Victorian) should be thinking about finding or setting up groups -- if you have groups, finding a contact in each one probably easier than finding a contact and starting a group.

Scott H.

How about about a place on the AGA web site where members can register with their e-mail addresses and location? Then when others browse for members in their area, they can contact those folks and start a club.

FWIW, pdfs are very easy for me to make, but that only services those foreign members who have computers for personal use, and who want to look at this stuff on their computers. Karen's idea would be a small way to increase distribution of the print version of TAG, and perhaps even pick up some members who are not online at home.



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