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Re: Foreign Memberships

Scott wrote:

> Anyhow, it seems then, if I am finally catching on, that we are looking
> for a distribution system, in effect middle-women or middle-men that
> have access to groups of non-USA members.  So we (how Victorian) should
> be thinking about finding or setting up groups -- if you have groups,
> finding a contact in each one probably easier than finding a contact
> and starting a group.

Oh, I certainly wasn't suggesting that WE try to start local groups!  We
don't have the manpower to do that in the U.S.!  I was just trying see if
there was any interest from people other than this group in India of finding
a lower cost bulk method of sending groups of magazines to one location

Of course, not all our membersuse this list, but the fact that no one else
has come forward and said that they could USE such a service might mean that
there isn't much call for it right now.  That still doesn't mean that we
couldn't do it on case by case basis, though, and set up a system of doing
it so that if other groups show an interest, we can send to them that way as


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