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"Is my AGA membership still active?"

On Thu, 12 Dec 2002, Schenck, Lyndle wrote:

> How do you know when your AGA membership is due for renewal?  Seems
> like I haven't seen a TAG for awhile.  And I want to get that
> Kaslemann book.

(This is for the benefit of everyone, so I'm mailing the list -- we get a 
LOT of letters like this!)

Right now, you can find out if your membership is current by e-mailing
membership coordinator Cheryl (cheryl@wilstream.com).  Actually, since I
have access to the database, I can tell you that you have 12 issues left &
don't need to renew!  (In fact, if you have 12 or more issues left, you 
will actually be BARRED from renewing!  Some of the folks who were great 
AGA supporters and also PAM subscribers have over 20 issues remaining.)

Starting the issue AFTER next (not the one that's being mailed out now),
you'll also be able to tell when your membership expires from the label.  
It will say something like "Expires 1/06. 12 Issues Left", depending on
what the mailer will let us get away with.  Seriously, starting the issue
after next we'll have all sorts of checks & balances between the database
and the labels, all for the sole purpose of being able to tell you "YES,
your last copy of TAG was sent out in September to this address...!"

The last issue of TAG was delivered back at the end of September & it's
the one with the close-up of the Echinodorus fruit on the cover.  The next 
issue is, I beleive, printed and being mailed as we speak.

As for Kasselman, there are lots of places selling it... Dave Gomberg, 
Robert Hudson, Mark Barnett all have announced this on the APD -- their 
prices are all quite low.

  - Erik

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