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Re: Planted Tank Contest / Free Co2 - Ends Tuesday-

Scott et. al,

The AB contest is intended to be an "everyman's" aquascaping contest. It was born of my frusteration after seeing so many talented new aquascapers say they weren't going to enter AGA because they didn't feel their aquascapes were good enough. Entries currently run the gamut from peoples' 1st aquatic gardens to experienced aquascapers.

The contest itself is divided into two categories: Limited and Unlimited. The limited category was meant to level the playing field for everyone by limiting an aquascape to plants from a specific list. Unlimited aquascapes are just that..totally unlimited.

Please check out this link for more information and registration:

Entry is free, please show off all your aquascapes. New or old, well trimmed or jungle, it doesn't matter! Help us encourage those just getting into the hobby.

Thank you, Phil Edwards AB contest coordinator

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