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Foreign substance

I too am new to AGA and planted aquariums and am glad to see this list

Rather than tell my story of my own rapid descent into the depths of
Aquariholism, I'll get straight to my current question for the group.

I have a newly setup tank that I noticed something floating in shortly
after adding some new plants. I have to admit that since I didn't really
rinse the plants off well, I don't know if it came from the new plants
or was already there from some previous plantings, but here's what it
looks like. 

It is spherical and about the size of a small marble in diameter. It has
a center core that looks somewhat fibrous with very thin white hair-like
threads extending outwards. The core is a darker opaque sort of ivory
color. Imagine if you clipped off the head of a dandelion seed pod
before any of the tiny seeds had a chance to blow away and this is what
this looks like.

Any ideas? It definitely seems to be vegetable in nature but I am very
curious as to what it is. If it is a seed of some sort, should I put it
back in the tank?

Thanks in advance.

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