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It seems to me your plan come just short of a complete tear down.  Do you 
have alot of fish?  What kind?  The danger of removing the UGFs or creating 
massive disturbance is that your tank will cycle and you will most likely 
suffer an ammonia spike putting your  fish in danger.  I would still opt for 
leaving the UGF in place and suck out the mulm from underneath so as to 
disturb your gravel bed the least.  If you remove the UGF you are going to 
create havoc.  Your powerheads can be used for water movement or there are 
some attachments that will provide some filtration although quite limited.  I 
would resist using them with the UGF as this probably will limit plant 
growth. Strictly speaking a planted aquarium does not need additional 
filtration, however if your fish load is significant then additional 
filtration would be needed.

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