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Re: [AGA Member] Pellia

Thanks, that was the highlight of the auction for me!  (and the day, 
watching him big on it).  I think our Pellia biomass has now doubled (from 
2 to 4 strands....it is in a little mesh bag, so it can't disappear into 
the tank now!!

Take care, see you in Nov!!!


On Mon, 5 May 2003, Bailin Shaw wrote:

> Hi Kathy,
> My good friend, Tim Cincotta was the crazy person that paid almost $90 for 
> the plant.  I got a huge kick out of it.  He had it going okay in his high 
> tech tank, but it eventually got infested with BBA and he passed it on to 
> some other people to try and propagate it.  I think Luis Navarro and Ricky 
> Cain from our club now have some of it in their tanks.
> I'd love to get a couple of strands and see if I can propagate it as well.  
> I was thinking tissue culture as a way to get it going.
> Bailin Shaw
> DFW Aquatic Plant Club

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