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Re: [AGA Member] Re: Aga Members List

Hi Kate and others,
I am not new member but have been mostly lurking. I live just down the road
in Tacoma. :-) I have been keeping planted tanks for about 4 years and have
accumulated quite a few by now.
Tell us a bit more about your tanks. Lights, substrate, etc. Maybe it is
time to think of easing into some ferts. I found I get less algae when I
give the plants what they need to grow better and the plants are nicer too.

> Me too, Kate Breimayer in Olympia WA here.
> Hello all, nice to see the list going.
> Who has a good idea for getting rid of a hard crusty bright green algae
> that is so hard it's difficult to scrape off glass with a brand new
> razor blade? Have gone through hair algae, greenwater, and slimy green
> filamentous algae, this is a new one. Other than this I finally got the
> other visible algaes out of my one "big" planted tank. Am afraid to
> fertilize :)
> Thanks,
> Kate B
> dilvish wrote:
>> heh.. seems to be a lot of us lurking in the background.  I'm a new member
>> as well so Hello there everyone.
>> Dennis

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