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Re: [AGA Member] Pellia

From: "Karen Randall" <krandall@rdrcpa.biz>
> Have you found aquatic liverworts in these areas?  Or just the terrestrial
> ones?

Not me. Others do though.  Many Oregon environmental groups conduct regular
field trips - open to anyone interested - throughout the state. Some of
these focus specifically on mosses and liverworts. Rainforests have one of
the most complex ecosystems to be found so it's well worth a visit if any of
you reading have never experienced it. The relationships and adaptations are
amazing. The National Parks Service has a plant index at each Park website
in Oregon - or should anyway.  You can look up which types might be
available at different regions..  Of course you won't be collecting in any
national park or forest. <g>

Everything I know about liverworts mostly comes through lectures from
visiting botanists and field researchers. I'm working my way to them though.
Right now I'm into aquatic ferns. Well, I've always been partial to ferns.
But now I'm growing them underwater. As soon as I can get one to talk to me
I'll start looking at..  well, let's first see what happens after I tell my
wife that a fern talked to me.


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