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[AGA Member] Digest is here

Hi folks,

Thanks to all that shameless flattery, I put in a few extra minutes last
night & got the digest mode working.  There may be a few more kinks (like
how many get sent out per day), but I think it's working well enough to
have people start using it.

Now, I have one request, which is that when you reply to a message, please
make sure to trim the message you're replying to.  While we can get away
with having 18 replies deep at the end of individual messages, folks using
the digest will get mighty tired of having to read these replies while 
looking for the next message.

Here's how to do it... send mail to majordomo@thekrib.com with the 
following in the BODY (not the subject):

subscribe aga-member-digest
unsubscribe aga-member

You may have to compose this message as plain text.  Good luck!

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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