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Re: [AGA Member] A Rocky Start to Greetings

From: <erik@e-aquaria.com>
> darker in many cases. I'm not sure what the legalities are
> surrounding the taking of rocks from beaches, but suffice

It is illegal to remove anything from any federally managed public lands. In
CA it is also illegal to remove anything from state managed public lands. So
collecting rocks near GGB or GGP may attract the attention of a local
friendly ranger who will have a nice chat with you while handing you a
ticket with a hefty fine. Rare, but it does happen.

Of far more concern is the rocks themselves. In virtually all urban/suburban
coastal/interior waterways those rocks on shore or banks were brought in
from somewhere else. In 50 years any particular area could have been
developed/redeveloped a number of times. The usual scenarios include such
things as redeveloping a watershed polluted from farm or industrial runoff.
Or removing rocks and soil from a city lot in an industrial area or toxic
cleanup site. The rocks and soil removed from these areas might be used the
following week repairing a breakwater or to reinforce an eroded beach area
or river bank. (The corps of engineers killed thousands of fish and almost
killed an entire creek in PA a number of years ago this way.)

So collecting rocks in urban areas has an extremely high risk of introducing
some horrible toxic elements into the tank.


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