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[AGA Member] Re:Pellia / collecting

For collecting fish etc, check the state fish and game department. With
permit one can collect things for personal use but not sale. It will list
the forbidden things like certain turtles. You can take all the Bull frogs
you want. ;->
Other collecting in Washington State. Definitely not in State parks. You can
get maps that show state lands. I may have unintentionally broken the law
but have collected from BLM and DNR land. There are usually signs with
pictures of noxious weeds and warnings to not transport them.

I have artificial swamp with little ponds in my yard. Moss just grows in
this climate want it or not so I made lemonade or in this case moss beds.
Some grew into the ponds where it developed a submerged form which is an
attractive branching. It is shaped like a tiny Christmas tree branch. I
tried some in my aquariums. It does well and  will attach to glass if
encouraged. One tank has nice back cover of it. I don't know what it is but
is very pretty.
Greater Seattle area has mild climate. I am sure there is all kinds of stuff
that would grow in aquariums if we took the time to look for them.

> Date: Sun, 11 May 2003 00:02:54 -0700
> From: Kate Breimayer <kate@munat.com>
> Subject: Re: [AGA Member] Pellia
> Does that only apply to national parks or are state parks included? I am
> unsure on all this stuff, was going to get some driftwood one day this
> week.... If the Pellia is located in this area I should look for it
> while getting the driftwood. Can someone email off list to tell me what
> to look for and where? I have a friend with a 7 acre yard, full of ponds
> and river frontage. She said I can have all the driftwood I want,
> including the huge old oak that went down last winter and is now
> blocking the river. Guess I will leave that :) I assume it's open season
> in private land as far as plants and driftwood go...
> Kate B
> Oly WA

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