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Re: [AGA Member] Soft water management

Thanks, Scott

From: "S. Hieber" <shieber@yahoo.com>

> I guess that depends on who's doing the recommending.

But of course!

> 1.0 ppm.  In fact, a good sign for me that PO4 is too low
> is if BGA starts to show up.  Bringing the PO4 back into

Ok, I guess I need to check this out further. I was basing my
reactions to the appearance of algae with what I read at
wetwebmedia's faq sheet on algae control -
(Mainly because reading the faq at thekrib -
http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/Algae/balance.html - tends to give me
a headache. <g>)

Since algae also seemed to coincide with increased levels of
nitrate, that seemed to validate what these folks were saying here -
http://www.algone.com/phosphates.htm..  I've never tested for
phosphate, so I guess you'd recommend I add that kit?



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