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Re: [AGA Member] Soft water management

On Friday 16 May 2003 14:01, Dennis wrote:

> I'm not suggesting you or Paul are wrong about anything, just reporting my
> experience so far.

Oh come on, Dennis.  You can suggest that.  You can even come out and say it 
if you want :).  Actually, only one of us can be entirely wrong, because when 
that discussion finished up Paul and I were still on opposite sides of the 

But I'm curious.  Maybe you discussed this before I joined the list.  Where 
does your tank get the GH, and why is it so much higher than the KH?

> My problem is I live in an apartment building in San Franicsco. The
> landlord allows the tanks if I earthquake-proof them. He does not
> want any presurized gas cylinders in the apts.  This seemed a good
> compromise between a sugar/yeast diy and a co2 tank.  So now I don't
> know what to do..

Your 2 dKH and 7dGH means only about 11 ppm CO2.  If you decide not to stick 
with electrolysis, then you can easily get 11 ppm CO2 with yeast and sugar.

Roger Miller
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