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Re: [AGA Member] Soft water management

From: "Roger Miller" <roger@spinn.net>

Hi, Roger.

> Did you start using the Jebo before your first test?

Yes, it went in a few days after starting the tank. And I gave you
wrong information. I checked the receipt dates and apparently I
tested during cycling, not after. Let me recap all of this in a
single paragraph, and use the actual record instead of my.senile

Standard 50gal glass tank.
Smartlite 2x65watt 10k PC flors
Fluval 404 - polyfilla and ceramic media
3" - 4" of 50/50 mix of Flourite/Florabase + 4 lbs volcanic rock
Jebo carbon block co2
Temp - 76
First filled with tap around the end of Oct. at 2 dKH, 2dGH, 7.4/7.6
(Tests right before water changes)
1st test 11/6 - pH 7.6,  NO2 0.5, NH3/NH4+ 0, dGH 7, dKH 2
11/13 - pH 7.4, NO2 0.25, NH3/NH4+ 0, dGH 9, dKH 5 (switched to DI
11/20 - pH 7.0, NO2 0, NH3/NH4+ 0, dGH 8, dKH 3
11/27 - pH 6.8, NO2 0,, NH3/NH4+ 0, dGH 7, dKH 2
where it has pretty much stayed since. Only dGH fluctuates between
5-7 depending on adding tap or DI. pH always tests 6.6/6.8. KH stays
at 2.
Weekly 20% water changes with the occasional 30% change.   And yes,
I did play around with the Jebo settings to see what would happen.
Not sure where in that period this went on. Certainly earlier than
later. The higher it goes the faster the plants grow though.. I keep
it set lower now, if only to not feel like I have to prune every
week - or the level where a Rotala stem takes about a month to grow
6" - 8".

Additionally, Fe is now depleting. Discovered this after today's
test. Glad I did that before going out. So now I'm adding Fe and K,
as per my conversation with Scott H.



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