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Re: [AGA Member] List FAQs

Hi, Everybody!  Hope all your weekends went well.

Would there be any interest in FAQ files for the list? For example
Roger, Scott, and June have some good information on soft water
management/algae control which I can edit for an FAQ on that topic.
I can also comb through the archive for others.  The format would be
an introductory paragraph, made-up sample 'questions' which would be
'answered' from the replies. Obviously, this means editing the
messages. I believe this is a better approach than just duplicating
all the messages in a thread(s).  In other words, the information
you are looking for in a focused, easy-to-find format.  Those whose
information I used for 'replies' are credited.

Let me know. And, of course, if you have any questions or topics
you'd like to see here, just send me a line here or offlist at

Happy Gardening, folks!



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