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Re: [AGA Member] 96 Watt Compact Bulb Sources?

I shopped for 96 watt lamps jsut this week.  AHS prices are
pretty darn good, at or near the bottom of the current

This place is a tad cheaper for the bulbs but I think after
figuring in the shipping costs, that will put AHS back in
front.  I haven't bought northcoast's bulbs:


I will say that with AHS I know what I'm getting.  They
choose which bulbs to sell based on quality, appearance and
price.  Some they reject.  I have tried some cheaper
sources ocassionally, but didn't like the bulbs as well as
those that Kim screens for sale at AHS.

Hellolighting.com is reportedly pretty reliable but the
base prices will be about the same as AHS and shipping
costs about the same.  I don't know if the service is as
personal as at AHS.  Call them both and see ;-)

I think to get much cheaper *and* run a business, you have
to start with cheaper stock -- there's plenty of that out
there.  Odd lots, under spec bulbs from industrial runs,
and just plain lesser bulbs with less light output, lower
grade phosphors, or shorter average lifspans.

Btw, I don't have any connection to AHS other than being a

Scott H.
--- DWS <dws@mbbookstore.com> wrote:
> I hope this is allowed, its not a for sale but a were to
> buy.
> Im looking for a 96 watt compact flo bulb... anyone know
> of a cheaper source
> then ahsupply?

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