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Re: [AGA Member] green H2O

From: <THEPUPPYPIRATE@aol.com>

> More info on the hex tank with green H2O.  I am in Miami and my
Balcony faces
> North.  The tank is on this balcony and the light is enough to
keep a lime
> tree in fair health so it is bright.  Plants in the tank or
Elodia, Anacharis,
> Hornwort and a Banana plant.  I had CO2 for a while but it has
been down for a
> few weeks.  The subtrate might be a problem its crushed coral lime

Crushed coral is used mostly in marine tanks. Sometimes a little is
included in cichlid tanks as a pH buffer. Since you're Elodeas
aren't doing well, that suggests to me nutrient problems since those
weeds grow pretty well in a variety of conditions. Also, what is
bright for a lime tree doesn't necessarily translate to proper
brightness for plants in a tank. Nonetheless, Elodeas don't need all
that much light to prosper. If I remember correctly, a banana plant
does need a lot of light. As do some hornworts. Hornworts can also
suck up a lot of nitrate too, I think. Your pH may be influencing
the chemistry too..

So you may want to use ferts like job sitcks in the substrate and
also dose the water to supply your plants with the nutrients they
need. I'd do large water changes for a bit too. If you can get the
Elodeas to flourish they should easily out-compete the algae. If the
hornwort and banana don't respond well, I'd think about adding some
more light, or change to plants with lower light requirements.



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