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Re: [AGA Member] Focus groups at the conference in Dallas -- wired for George & Karla.

Just put some substrate cables out by the door at night and
he's likely to show up by morning.

Scott H.
--- Larry Lampert <l_lampert@yahoo.com> wrote:
> "If that is still true, then could I suggest George and
> Karla Booth as leaders
> for a focus group? I have some reason to believe that
> they would be
> interested."
> Hi Roger,
> Well I have reason believe that we would love to have
> George and Karla Booth lead a focus group. In fact I have
> reason to believe that we have been holding off in
> booking this last slot until we could get confirmation
> that they would be interested in filling it. On the
> surface it would appear that we should be all set however
> there appears to be one slight problem.... According to
> recent posts on the APD George is missing! ;-)
> If you can find he and Karla... put them in touch with me
> and I will put them in touch with the appropriate people
> to get them scheduled. We would really like to have both
> George and Karla a part of this year's AGA Conference.

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