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RE: [AGA Member] Focus groups at the conference in Dallas.

On Tue, 10 Jun 2003 01:54:44 -0500, Ricky Cain wrote

> Tom Barr has been talking to him and suggested he come. He sounds
> interested but the only thing is there is nothing to offer him in the
> comp. department. I have asked Tom to see if George has a kind and
> generous heart and would be willing to do it for nothing but that
> doesn't appear to be attractive to him. So . . .

and Larry Lambert wrote:

> According to recent posts on the APD George is missing! ;-)
> If you can find he and Karla... put them in touch with me and I will 
> put them in touch with the appropriate people to get them scheduled. 
> We would really like to have both George and Karla a part of this year's
> AGA Conference.

Last Saturday morning I sat down with George and Karla at their home in
Colorado.  I can assure everyone that neither of them is missing.  They were
gracious hosts.  If I ever get a chance to visit again I'm going to have to
ask after George's model trains.  It slipped my mind this time.

In conversation I did ask if they were planning to go to the Dallas Conference
.  They said they hoped to go, but made no commitment.  I also asked if they
might be interested in leading a focus group.  They said they would be
interested.  I was already over my head and obviously not in the position to
make any commitments either way so I didn't follow up with details.  The
question of compensation never came up.

Larry, I'm at my office and I don't have George's email address here.  I think
that Erik might have it.  If you still want to reach him then drop me a line
off the list and I'll foreward you the email address that I used.

Roger Miller 
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