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Re: [AGA Member] Aquatic plant supplyers?buying plants from Canada

International shipping is what I do for a living and what you need to do is
call FedEx with the tracking number and find out from them what is going on.
If it is caught up in customs, and is undeliverable to the US, then FedEx
will refund the shipping cost. If it is not delivered or returned to the
sender, then FedEx will cover all costs up to I think $1,000, but definitely
$500. You will have to file a claim with FedEx, but they guarantee their
Steve W

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> Steve, dunno what segment in the chain at customs was causing the delay,
> the person I was buying the plant from said the delay would be indefinite
> due
> to its being declared an "Alberta native" by customs. I paid 2-day Fedex
> charges
> at $35 approximately, and after 10 days we agreed to give it up (it was
> probably
> pretty dead salad by then:-/
> Bill

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