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[AGA Member] This Conference and Next

I, too, had a great time at this year's convention. The DFWAPC, Eric Olsen,
and the AGA gang did a fantastic job. I had fun. I learned some things. And
I got to hang out with friends I hadn't seen in a while.

I hear that a DC area club is hoping to host next year's event in
Baltimore. If anyone's counting, I cast my vote for Baltimore as a host
city! It has so much to offer:

  1. The National Aquarium in Baltimore and Baltimore's famous Inner Harbor
  2. Aquarium Center-- probably the best aquarium store in the U.S. It
huge, has low prices, knowledgeable staff, and a full _long_ aisle of
nothing but aquatic plants. They've got over 600 tanks of fish, too! (And
Gloria the Plant Lady!)
  3. That Fish Place-- the largest fish store in the U.S.-- is less than an
hour's drive.
  4. Maryland Aquatic Nurseries
  5. Washington, D.C. is only an hour away.

Mike Wickham

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