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[AGA Member] Turbo Twist 3X UV Sterilizer - Problems ?

Hi All,

Ive had a Turbo Twist inline with a mag 350 - return side to the tank for
about 8 months now.  I use turn it on every so often to kill any ich or
green water that may attempt an attack :).

The other day though I took it out to clean it and when I opened the unit I
was shocked.  The quartz sleeve that fits over the uv bulb had some water in
it.  Turns out the seal, whatever that may be had came loose.  Thank god for
the makers of the waterproof ballist setup.  This leak or whatever didnt zap
my tank, or ME! :)

It seems to me its made to compress in when the bottom half of the unit is
in place, but im not sure.

My question is then - Do I silicone this quatrz sleeve to the unit?  If so -
what happens when the bulb burns out or is in need of replacing *which is
probably now - 1 yr life on uv's right?*?
Or do I just let it go and hope for the best?

Anyone else had this problem?


Dustin Stonebraker

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