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Re: [AGA Member] Conference

Balin wrote:

> (snip) and I too greatly appreciate all the work the DFWAPC put in. 


The good folks in Texas sure know how to host a party as they've amply 
demonstrated for two years in a row now. That's what this year's conference was for 
those of us who simply had to show up -- a very fun, very cool experience. You 
guys mashed the ol' fun button down hard on this one.

So, thank you guys and gals of the Dallas Ft. Worth Aquatic Plant Club, the 
AGA and everyone else near and far who contributed.  While Y'all make it look 
easy -- I know in reality that a lot of planning and downright hard work went 
into making this get together happen, and I for one had an absolute blast!

Bob Olesen down in West Palm

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