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Re: [AGA Member] 2-second survey: DVD/VHS Convention Videos

The disk can be insufficient "aluminized" and won't take
the burn well. The burner can be poor and not burn well.
The player might not read burns well or might not be able
to work around certain kinds of errors very well.

Similar problems occur for tape, too, (drop outs, broken
tape, dirty or misalighned heads) plus the much more
limited shelf life. Plus tape format uses that, imo
godawful, EQ and bias for the sound track.

I'd guess that there are unlikely to be enough orders to
make this worth sending out for "pressing" and still vend
at a reasonable price.

--- Greg Fiske <gfiske@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> DVD would be preferred, but DVD burned CD's seem to be
> cheap.  My cousin had DVD's made of their wedding and a
> year later the DVD will not play till the end, without
> any visible scratches on the DVD.  Maybe it is affordable
> these days to get a small amount of DVD's printed?  I
> think you will be disappointed with the quality of the
> burned CD's.

S. Hieber

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