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[AGA Member] TAG

Hi folks,

Besides the fact that a few people seemed not to get their 16-4 issue of TAG
on time, we have now heard from one person who says they received a TAG with
blank pages.  If anyone else has experienced this, PLEASE contact me
directly. You can post here too if you want, but I need to talk to you
directly to learn the details.  I need to know whether these are pages that
SHOULD have text on them and don't, or extra blank pages inserted.  In any
case, I'd like to ge these back so that I can take them to the printer and

If you have one of these copies, please e-mail me, and we'll replace it if
at all possible.  I know that not all the copies have this problem, because
none of the extras that I have here have any blank pages, nor did the one
that came to me via the normal P.O. run.  So we have no idea how wide-spread
the problem is, or whether we have enough good copies to replace them.  But
at very least, we need to know about the problem so it can be addressed with
the printer.

And for the future, folks, we always LOVE getting compliments on TAG, and
I'm glad that you're willing to cut us some slack when something goes wrong.
But it is also important that I hear about problems if they occur.  I try to
read the members list, but there may be times that I miss it if I'm really
busy. I recently had surgery, and before that the convention, so it is
possible that I missed some members list postings.  PLEASE, if you have
something important to say about TAG, make sure you also cc me personally
even if you want to post it to this list.

Thank you all for your help in making TAG better!


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