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[AGA Member] Re: AGA Member - Digest V1 #140

>>> My understanding was that the americans fertilized him with tons of
postassium nitrate which is the reason for this world wide algae b(l)oom.
> But regarding my poor red eye tetra... - any advice would be much
> Aviel.<<

Quite the opposite.He is like a bad out break of blue green algae. Slimy,
disgusting parasite that spreads out like a disease. What it needs is to be
nuked with an anti biotic to be erased from the world once and for all.

>>Great post, Roger. Now, dosing iron daily just isn't going to happen for
me - feeding the fish daily is pushing it. So, what do you recommend for a

Roger is always full of great ideas!  Quite a scientific mind. But he is
also becoming quite the artist. Amano beware! check this out

Robert Hudson

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