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[AGA Member] Raising GH

I am new to this hobby so please forgive my niave question. I am adding
CO2, (one bubble per second) 2.5 watts per gallon,(considering going up
to 3.3) 6.8 PH and 3 degrees GH. 38 Gallon tank. I only have a GH test
kit which indicates 3 degrees. I am interested in increasing my GH (and
KH?). Do I understand correctly that 5dGH is the target?
I am not sure of when to add sodium bicarbonate or calcium carbonate. I
attempted to add calcium carbonate via. two calcium vitamin pills. I did
not measure a difference after one hour. 
Also what about seachem equilibrium? When and why should I use this
Do I really need a KH test kit also?
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