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Re: [AGA Member] Raising GH

If all you're trying to do is raise KH to counter act the
fact that the added CO2 will lower you pH, then you can
just use baking soda -- very easy to get, very very cheap,
works just fine at raising KH. IT dissolves readily in
water and is easy to measure.

If yo think you have a calcium shortage you can use calcium
carbonate instead. It raises KH *and* GH both. You can get
it at www.litemanu.com --  Look for the nutrients and
chemicals page there. It's very inexpensive--a pound will
last for ages. Or you can look for calcium carbonate on the
Beer brewing web sites -- a lot of them sell it too.

Calcium carbonate doesn't dissolve as readily in water so
your tank will probably cloud up for half a day. It's
harder to measure because the powder can pack -- but not
terribly so.

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) you can get at any
supermaket for a few coins per box.

You can find out more about this stuff at George and Karla
Booth's excellent web site -- see the tech brief on water


It tells you how much to add and what the effect on GH, KH
will be.

With a KH test kit and pH test kit and the KH/pH/CO2 table,
you can figure out how much CO2 you have in your water. YOu
can read all about that too on George and Karla Booth's
excellent web site -- homepage at:


Good luck, good fun,

Scott H.
--- Randy Pullen <rpullen@waterpik.com> wrote:
> I am new to this hobby so please forgive my niave
> question. I am adding
> CO2, (one bubble per second) 2.5 watts per
> gallon,(considering going up
> to 3.3) 6.8 PH and 3 degrees GH. 38 Gallon tank. I only
> have a GH test
> kit which indicates 3 degrees. I am interested in
> increasing my GH (and
> KH?). Do I understand correctly that 5dGH is the target?
> I am not sure of when to add sodium bicarbonate or
> calcium carbonate. I
> attempted to add calcium carbonate via. two calcium
> vitamin pills. I did
> not measure a difference after one hour. 
> Also what about seachem equilibrium? When and why should
> I use this
> product?
> Do I really need a KH test kit also?
> Thanks,
> Randy

S. Hieber
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