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RE: [AGA Member] Biotopes

Nathan wrote:
> I guess that effectively shoots down my "Inner City Culvert"
> biotope.

I think a Biotope should include all manner of algae, worms, crustaceans
and snails. It should have one or perhaps two species of plants only and
only one or two species of fish. There should be leaves, decaying twigs
and large slimy rocks.

A natural biotope is probably not aesthetic even if you leave out the
beer cans & broken bottles.

Without guidance, how can we expect people to "compete" in this
category? How can we expect the judges to judge it?

Instead, why not have a category where people try to photograph a single
plant specimen to best advantage? You could have some really stunning
photography of leaves & flowers! Why does the category have to include
the entire tank? Why not focus on a small area within a tank?

My tanks tend to look like jungles. I don't attempt to create miniature
dioramas in my aquaria. I try to keep all my assorted specimens alive in
my tanks and this usually means they are packed pretty tightly. Since I
also have fish, I also have to keep a certain number of fast growing
plants in order to utilize waste nutrients & avoid algae problems. I try
to make my tanks as interesting & aesthetic as possible but my goals are
at odds with maintaining artificial diorama creations. If there was a
category for overgrown jungle; I guess I could enter that!

Steve P

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