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[AGA Member] Re: DIY yeast bottle cap glue toxicity?

I have used Liquid nails on the outside of the cap only and it has held
wonderfully. I have even used it on an active generator, where the silicone
was leaking under pressure -- I peeled off the silicone and generously
appplied Liquid Nails to the junction. The seal held then and has held ever
since. Liquid Nails is a clear caulk (?) found at Walmart or Home Depot, or
if you are lucky, out in your garage.

Ann Viverette

> Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 20:38:18 -0700
> From: Heather J Gladney <hgladney@comcast.net>
> Subject: [AGA Member] DIY yeast bottle cap glue toxicity?
> How important is trace toxicity from glue securing airline barbs in the
> caps of DIY yeast bottles?
> I had several combined factors that may have killed 4 of my bigger fish,
> such as pH and heater/room temp overheating, but also using a different
> glue on the bottle caps for the new yeast batch.
> I'd been using silicon before.  The odd thing is, puttin the new caps on
> a different tank, fish are fine.
> I let the Outdoor Goop for 5 days, but it still had a very faint
> plasticky odor.  In a previous experiment with it on the same tank, I'd
> let it outgas for more than 2 weeks, to no obvious ill effects.  My
> sister commented that Outdoor Goop is really toxic, she thought there
> were warnings to parents about not letting children get hold of it at
> any time.  It isn't the same as the regular indoor Goop.
> Goop was recommended on one of the other aquarium CO2 lists, but without
> specifying which type of Goop.  It does hold the stem and cap together
> really well.  Normally I'd prefer the silicon, but over several months I
> found silicon is not adhering to the plastic of the bottle caps well
> enough to hold up when I'm banging bottles about underneath the tank (as
> carefully as possible, but still!).
> Should I try gluing the next batch of bottle caps wiht it and let it air
> longer, or give up and go back to silicon?  Silicon isn't nearly as
> secure or solidly attached to the plastic.
>  I was also wondering if I could get away with gluing the silicon first,
> then layering Outdoor Goop over it only on the outside, or if I should
> go buy the regular Goop (not outdoor), or if I should do the silicon
> then layering with the regular Goop.
> Thanks!

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