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Re: [AGA Member] Re: DIY yeast bottle cap glue toxicity? -- or - My Nails are Still Wet

Liquid Nails is respected brand name for a variety of
adhesives (and a boatload of related substances/products)
with a variety of diff compounds, most of which contain
some amount of various rubber materials. Some are
water-clean-up; some are solvent (paint thinner) clean-up.
It's original use was for joining pieces of wood without
nails. It's especially useful for putting up wall paneling,
making air-tight seams in loudspeaker cabinets, and joining
particle board (which hates screws). There's a version sets
quickly and which is wonderful for putting ceiling molding
without nailing!

The full product list is here:


Take your pick to suit your purpose ;-)

The solvent types have rather nasty fumes until fully
cured; the water-clean-up types are much less nasty. 

Liquid Nails comes in small metal tubes like airplane glue,
in caulk-gun sized tubes and even larger. It's pretty

The solvent types adhere best and adhere to almost

The brand name is now being used to market a line or more
ordinary glues (like so-called household cement). The "Tub
Surrounds & Shower Walls
Adhesive (LN-915)" is a likely candidate for the yeast cap.

Liquid Nails is to wood joinery what duct tape is to, well,
to just about everything (Catch old reruns of the "Red
Green" show for lots of tips -- he always had a segment on
duct tape, which he claims is the first material of choice
for any job  ;-)  )

Scott H.
--- Ann Viverette <annv777@houston.rr.com> wrote:
> Heather,
> I have used Liquid nails on the outside of the cap only
> and it has held
> wonderfully. I have even used it on an active generator,
> where the silicone
> was leaking under pressure -- I peeled off the silicone
> and generously
> appplied Liquid Nails to the junction. The seal held then
> and has held ever
> since. Liquid Nails is a clear caulk (?) found at Walmart
> or Home Depot, or
> if you are lucky, out in your garage.
> Ann Viverette
> >
> > Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 20:38:18 -0700
> > From: Heather J Gladney <hgladney@comcast.net>
> > Subject: [AGA Member] DIY yeast bottle cap glue
> toxicity?
> >
> > How important is trace toxicity from glue securing
> airline barbs in the
> > caps of DIY yeast bottles?
> > I had several combined factors that may have killed 4
> of my bigger fish,
> > such as pH and heater/room temp overheating, but also
> using a different
> > glue on the bottle caps for the new yeast batch.
> > I'd been using silicon before.  The odd thing is,
> puttin the new caps on
> > a different tank, fish are fine.
> > I let the Outdoor Goop for 5 days, but it still had a
> very faint
> > plasticky odor.  In a previous experiment with it on
> the same tank, I'd
> > let it outgas for more than 2 weeks, to no obvious ill
> effects.  My
> > sister commented that Outdoor Goop is really toxic, she
> thought there
> > were warnings to parents about not letting children get
> hold of it at
> > any time.  It isn't the same as the regular indoor
> Goop.
> > Goop was recommended on one of the other aquarium CO2
> lists, but without
> > specifying which type of Goop.  It does hold the stem
> and cap together
> > really well.  Normally I'd prefer the silicon, but over
> several months I
> > found silicon is not adhering to the plastic of the
> bottle caps well
> > enough to hold up when I'm banging bottles about
> underneath the tank (as
> > carefully as possible, but still!).
> > Should I try gluing the next batch of bottle caps wiht
> it and let it air
> > longer, or give up and go back to silicon?  Silicon
> isn't nearly as
> > secure or solidly attached to the plastic.
> >  I was also wondering if I could get away with gluing
> the silicon first,
> > then layering Outdoor Goop over it only on the outside,
> or if I should
> > go buy the regular Goop (not outdoor), or if I should
> do the silicon
> > then layering with the regular Goop.
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
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