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[AGA-Member] GLOB from DIY Co2 using TAG recipe?

I'm using a DIY recipe provided in a recent (ok, not that recent, about 2 or 
3 issues ago)  TAG, and it has in the past worked enormously well for me. The 
key is protein powder, molasses, and some yeast nutrient. 

Well, about two weeks ago, I made a batch with soy milk because I ran out of 
protein powder, and I got this jelatin-ous mass that bubbled up and up the 
tubes..it was totally gross..a GLOB. Well, I threw that batch out, the bottle and 
everything. I also used old tank water in that one.

The other day, I made a new batch with a new bottle and new protein powder 
(some Adkins stuff I bought at the grocery store, not the kind I used before), 
and again I got this jelly-like goop. I do not use gelatin by the way. I don't 
know what is causing it and because I'm not precise with my measurements (a 
little of this and a little of that), I'm not sure what the difference is. I'm 
wondering if it is the baking soda I've added? (I did not use baking soda in 
the past). Originally I thought it was the soy milk, but this time I didn't add 
the soy milk. But, I had added soy milk to another container and it did fine.

Any thoughts? I searced the web using "mead and baking soda" (I thought that 
would bring me more results than using diy co2) and found a case of baking 
soda causing mulitple bubbling up explosions of the mead (kind of funny actually 
as his wife was very mad at him and took away his baking soda).  

Any one else use this mix?  Anyone else get the GLOB?  
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