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[AGA-Member] AGA Convention 2004

Hope everyone is sufficiently recovered from the convention. It *was* a lot of fun. The convention organizers showed everyone a great time. It was nice to meet people, and see old friends.

If you didn't get a chance to go this year, definately try to go
next year. There will be a write-up in TAG 18-1, and Erik is working diligently on the DVD so you can see what you missed. There's also an informal "meeting" at NEC each year--you'll find many of us there.

If you did go to the convention, we would still love to hear your comments.
Naturally we want to hear about the stuff that didn't work for you, but
please tell us the good stuff too so we can repeat it or expand on it.

Of course, a big thank-you goes out to our sponsors, who make the whole thing possible, and to Phil Edwards, our Sponsor Wrangler who took time out of his studies to contact these folks. Please support our sponsors, because they came through for us in a big way.

Seachem Laboratories		www.seachem.com
Aqua Design Amano		www.adana.co.jp
Kent Marine			www.kentmarine.com
Milwaukee Instruments		www.miltestersusa.com
Aquarium Hobbyist Supply	www.ahsupply.com
CaribSea Inc.			www.carib-sea.com
Florida Aquatic Nurseries	www.floridaaquatic.com
Tropica Aquarium Plants		www.tropica.com
Aquarium Design Group		www.aquariumdesigngroup.com
Ray "Kingfish" Lucas		www.kingfishservices.net
Aquabotanic			www.aquabotanic.com
Aquarium Landscapes		www.fishvet.com
Aquaculture Tech
Aquarium Garden			www.aquariumgarden.com
Energy Savers Unlimited		www.esuweb.com
Florida Driftwood		www.floridadriftwood.com
Ocean Nutrition			www.oceannutrition.com
Zoo Med Laboratories		www.zoomed.com
Red Sea				www.redseafish.com

Cheryl Rogers, Membership
Aquatic Gardeners Association

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