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[AGA-Member] To much K in the water

Hello ALL,
        Thank you for responding to  some of my questions about RO water. A 
new problem has just happened to me and  it is dealing with adding KNO3 to my 
tank. I am trying to get a better N reading  and have been adding KNO3 powder 
and guess I over did it somewhat. I was adding  it to the tank for about three 
or four days now a little bit at a time and  then testing daily to get the 
nitrate level and it was reading a zero so  add some more right. But, today 
noticed some ick or maybe some lymph  outbreak on my discus so tested the K levels 
of the water and the were above  three ppm or higher. From my readings I 
thought that high levels would be ok and  not have a negative impact on fish but I 
know now that it  does. My one discus is up at the top hurting because of the 
high levels of  K so put a lot of carbon into the tank to pull the K out of 
the water  hopefully it will be ok and the discus will make it. So, I have 
learned first  hand not to have to high of a K level in a tank with fish in it. 
But, begs  the question, what else can I use to bring up the nitrate  level???   
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