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RE: [AGA-Member] From the Membership Desk

> >1. Tell a friend about the AGA while you are showing off your 
planted tank.
> >2. Talk your boss into letting you set up a planted tank in the 
> >Then, see #1 above.
> >5. Mention that you are an AGA member in your e-mail and forum 
> >You could even include a link to the AGA web site.
> >6. Download the AGA brochure: 7. Ask me for full-color brochures for 
> >next local aquarium or fish club meeting. If you have extras, leave 
them at 
> >the local fish store.
> >8. Ask me for an AGA promotional package for your local club's 
> >Event like an auction, expo, or Planted Tank Speaker Meeting.
> 11. Get a part time job at your LFS in order to increase their plant 
> department, then do the above.
> 12. Give a presentation on how to set up and care for a **simple** 
> tank.  Most "fish only" folks would secretly love to be able to keep 
> other than Java Fern, especially in their breeder setups.  Show them 
how and 
> you can "slip them a mickey/brochure".  That works well too.  :)
> It really does work, I've done all of the above and have reached 
people who 
> have become new members.  Most folks were happily surprised to find 
out that 
> there's even an association for planted tank people.  This is also a 
> way of getting folks involved in your local club.
> Best,
> Phil

Just wanted to thank you for leaving me lucky #13 to add to the list :P

13. Join your local fish club and become involved in the HAP 
(horticulture award program) Comittee or just bring in clippings to 

-Berne Kairunas
Aquatic Plant Specialist
Choice Aquariums Sales Team

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