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[AGA-Member] the step back

Dear Terry,
    Sounds like a good idea sometimes you get many  ideas all at once and 
want to try it all. Basically what I want out of this tank  is to learn how to 
grow plants correctly and then turn the tank into a  reasonable work of art. 
This isn't my first tank I have been doing fish  fresh/salt for years (about 15 
years) and saltwater reef tanks for about (10  years) so I am not new to the 
hobby just new into planted tank area. Damn it  seems to be the most challenging 
part of the hobby yet for me. What I am looking  for is sound advice from 
people who know and to incorporate it into this tank  and make it successful. I 
am tried of doing my weekly water changes just pulling  out hair algae scraping 
blue/green algae off the glass brushing off the diatom  algae by hand from 
leaves of plants I want to do water changes weekly but  instead of dealing with 
algae I want to be cutting plants and really start the  aquascaping part. 
Finally, what is really wanted with this tank is to look into  a beautiful garden 
after a long day of work and be happy with it and enjoy what  I have created.
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