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Re: [AGA-Member] To much K

Just out of curiosity, what are the ammonia and nitrIte readings in the tank? How about KH and pH? I think that most folks on this list have had very high K with no harm to the fish.

I think you might have misunderstood the person who responded to you about taking out the bio-balls (I think it was Tom Barr). The bio-balls are there to provide surface area for the bacteria which convert ammonia (NH3) to nitrite (NO2), and nitrite to nitrate (NO3). In a planted tank, the bioballs are less necessary, since the plants will use the ammonia directly. If the plants did not, taking the bioballs out would increase the amount of ammonia and nitrIte in the tank and decrease the amount of nitrAte, since nitrAte is the end product of the nitrogen cycle. (This assumes the nitrifying bacteria live only in the bioballs, which is not true - they are on every surface in the tank).

Seachem makes Flourish Nitrogen, which will increase your nitrogen with no potassium.

I forgot if you said in your original post - how long has the tank been up and running?

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  Dear SH,
      The reason I think it is K is because the other  chemicals are all in 
  check like the nitrate 2-5 ppm. So, the K is the one that  sticks out the most I 
  use the aquarium landscape kit from Fish-vet.com... The  other thing that 
  could of caused it is the nitrate but is was added slowly into  the tank unless a 
  2ppm to a 5ppm increase during 5 days was to much? But, to get  is to jump up 
  I guess the K level went to high.  Hey while I am writing has  anyone taken 
  the Bio-balls out of there water-drys to let the nitrate build that  way to??
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