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Re: [AGA-Member] Java Fern....

Hey folks. Quick questions is anyone aware of the Aquarium convention up in Connecticut on Friday March 18,19, and 20. Also it states that there is an AGA meeting on Friday from 2-4 PM. Is this open to any AGA member. Also last but not least Christel shall be there on Sat from 9-10:15. Let me copy the schedule here. Also if anyone needs more info on the registrations for the hotels or convention I have a copy of them also.

Tentative Schedule


Friday, March 18, 2005

1:30-8:00pm               Registration Open

2:00-4:00pm               AGA Meeting and Discussion Group 

3:30-4:45pm               Ian Fuller

5:00-8:00pm               Pizza Party  

8:30                             Speaker's Book-signing

5:30-6:45pm               Anton Lamboj

7:30-8:00pm               Kickoff, Speaker Introductions

8:00-10:30pm             Vendor Room Open, Aquarium Fish Magazine sponsored Social Hour


Saturday, March 19, 2005

8:30-10:30am             Breakfast Cart 

8:30am                        Registration Opens

Vendor Room Opens 

9:00-10:15am             Randy Carey 

                                    Christel Kasselmann

10:15-12:00pm            Non-Fishy Bingo 

10:30-11:45pm            Rosario LaCorte

                                    Laif DeMason

10:30-11:45pm            Livebearer Discussion Group

11:30-1:00pm             A-la-carte lunch cart

12:30pm                      Registration Closes.  End of 

                                    T-shirt and Banquet sales.

1:00-2:00pm               NEC's Convention: 30 yrs

2:15-3:30pm               Gary Lange 

                                    Anton Lamboj

3:45-5:00pm               Ian Fuller

                                    Paul Loiselle

5:30pm                        Vendor Room Closes

6:15pm                        Banquet Happy Hour, cash bar

7:00pm                        Banquet Dinner, MC Lee Finley, Theme - The 1970's

                                    Wear your favorite 70's outfit!


Sunday, March 20, 2005

8:30-9:00am               Drop off Auction Lots 

8:30-11:00am             Breakfast Cart

9:00am                        Vendor Room Opens 

9:30-10:45am             Viewing of Auction Lots

11:00am                      Giant Auction Starts

12:00noon                   Hotel Check-out Time

1:00pm                        Rare Fish Silent Auction ends


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