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Re: [AGA-Member] Brazilian Pennywort and Aqualine Buschke

A German company, Aqualine Buschke was combined with, or
absorbed by, or somehow corporately fused with a company
called Aqua Medic.

AB no longer maintains a website of its own, Aqua Medic's
website is here:


The CO2 stuff is listed here:


Some of the products have been sold under the AB name,
sometimes under the AM name. This will probably continue
until the old AB labeled stocks are depleted

Bigalsonline.com I believe still offers some of the
products, AquaBotanic.com does or used to offer some.
Customaquatic.com offers some. 

If you can find a model name/number for an item on the AM
site you can google it and probably find a retail source.

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.

--- Imw88@aol.com wrote:

>     Dear Group, I've seen some pictures of Mr. Amano's
> tanks with Brazilian 
> Pennywort. They looked really nice so I decided to give
> the pennywort a try but 
> I've had difficulty keeping the pennywort rooted to the
> substrate. My 
> substrate is 100% Seachem Floralite. I also use Seachem
> plant tabs from time to time. 
> Does anyone have any ideas? 
>     Also in the last TAG issue, volume 18 number 2, on
> page 5 in the article 
> entitled "Setting up a planted aquarium". The author
> mentions products from a 
> company called Aqualine Buschke. Does anyone know any
> sites I can find these?  
> Thanx-ILAN
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