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RE: [AGA-Member] Possibilities of Sozo Haishoku

So sounds like their strategy is to provide us with a very nutritious substrate that runs out after a year or two 
and if we adhere to the lean water column doctrine then it is then that we need to buy some more substrate... 

So not only that this substrate is very expensive but also we spend all of those $$$ for something that runs 
out after 2 years?


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>> But one thing that he said is "news" for me - He said
that there's a time limit for an aquarium and at some point
one has to replace the substrate and "renew" the tank. I thought that a reasonable substrate runs out of nutrients (except iron) in about a year or so however it should still absorb some nutrients from the water and my impression was that water column is the king as far as fertilization so no need to care so much about substrate anyway.<<

When it comes to fertilization, ADA's method is quite
different from the popular approach among AGA members.  You might have noticed from the data sections in their articles that ADA keeps the water column very lean.


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