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Re: [AGA-Member] Possibilities of Sozo Haishoku

I'm not sure if water column fertilization really comes into play for this
issue. The majority of the nutrients in the substrate come from the
processes that break down detritus, what's key is the substrates ability to
both provide those nutrients to the roots of the plants and hold them as
opposed to releasing them back into the water column as well as provide a
sufficient medium to support the process.

I treat fertilization of the water column and substrate as two seperate
issues because some of my plants don't benefit as much from a nutrient rich
substrate as they do nutrients in the water column and vice verse. I let
natural processes provide the nutrients in the substrate with the exception
of iron amendments for the iron hogs and I dose micros and macros for the
water column.

The issue is whether not Amano's substrates are capable of supporting a
nutrient rich bed, if he states they must be replaced, then obviously they
are not providing an ideal subtrate material. I've experiemented with just
about every materail availble to the hobbyist and a few that were probably
unheard of to the hobbyist, and over the years, I've found that just about
any material that has a high CEC is capable of supporting plant growth
without having to rip it all out now and then to start over.

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