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[AGA-Member] AGA Top 10 (almost)

Top Ten (Almost)  FREE Ways to Help the AGA

1. Add that you are an AGA member and a link to the web site to your e-mail and forum signature.

2. Add a link to the AGA web site to your web site.

3. Ask Cheryl (membership at aquatic-gardeners.org) for flyers to leave at the local fish stores. Be sure to ask the manager for permission first so they don?t just throw them away.

4. Have a party; Show your friends your planted tank and casually mention the AGA.

5. Wear your AGA t-shirt.

6. Leave AGA brochures and back issues (Cheryl will give them to you) at your local club?s meeting.

7. Ask your local club to become an AGA Premium Club Member.

8. Volunteer to help the AGA?can what you do for a living or as a hobby help the association somehow?

9. Let us know when something plant-related happens in your area so we can post it on the web site.

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