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[AGA-Member] Re: AGA Top 10 (almost)

well i live down here in mexico and i was wondering that if i want to
start a local / national club of mexican aquarium planters.... is it
posible to asociated later on with the aga (usa) and would it enjoy
some benefits?
i keenly interested on this so i will wait for a reply from you.
how many are the minimal for to be a club, and do they need to speak
english.....i could be the translator.

On 8/8/05, Phil Edwards <biotypical@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Top Ten (Almost)  FREE Ways to Help the AGA
> 1. Add that you are an AGA member and a link to the web site to your e-mail
> and forum signature.
> 2. Add a link to the AGA web site to your web site.
> 3. Ask Cheryl (membership at aquatic-gardeners.org) for flyers to leave at 
> the local fish stores. Be sure to ask the manager for permission first so 
> they don't just throw them away.
> 4. Have a party; Show your friends your planted tank and casually mention 
> the AGA.
> 5. Wear your AGA t-shirt.
> 6. Leave AGA brochures and back issues (Cheryl will give them to you) at 
> your local club's meeting.
> 7. Ask your local club to become an AGA Premium Club Member.
> 8. Volunteer to help the AGA—can what you do for a living or as a hobby help
> the association somehow?
> 9. Let us know when something plant-related happens in your area so we can 
> post it on the web site.
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