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Re: [AGA-Member] Nature Aquarium Party- second try

That's twice in one sitting that you made me jealous as all

Have fun,

--- "Ben B." <benrx@verizon.net> wrote:

> Yamamoto san,
> Konichiwa and Doumo Arigatou Gozaimasu for the kind
> invitation.
> As far as I know, Ricky and I are the only Americans
> going to the Nature 
> Aquarium party, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone
> else was there that 
> we didn't know about.  That would be great.  I wish
> Cheryl were going.  She 
> might keep Ricky and I from killing each other. 
> Actually, she would 
> probably kill us both before we got the chance to kill
> each other. :-)
> We arrive in Tokyo September 5th and are taking the
> Shinkansen straight to 
> Kyoto for 4 days.  We go to Tokyo on the 9th to sight see
> and then the 
> Nature Aquarium party for a few days.  Then I think the
> 12th we are headed 
> to Niigata to see the ADA Gallery and maybe some other
> things the ADA staff 
> has arranged for us.  We leave the 15th.
> Ricky called Oliver and he told us that he is going to be
> busy with some 
> business meetings, but we hope to meet up sometime before
> the party.  I'm 
> not sure.
> Ricky has worked out many of the details of our trip so I
> hate to say very 
> much because I could be wrong.  I'm going where Ricky
> tells me to go.
> Once we get to Tokyo, we may be glad to have someone show
> us some sights. 
> Again, I don't know exactly what Ricky has planned for
> us.  I will need help 
> finding a Harley Davidson Tokyo shirt for the friend that
> is feeding my fish 
> while I am gone :-) ----- ughhhh!
> Email me and let's keep in touch.
> Ben
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