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Re:[AGA-Member]Great TAG!

Hi, folks !
Judging by several comments on TAG, Volume 18 no. 3, it sure sounds as if that TAG is just great.
Since I live in Tokyo, Japan, I guess it takes a couple of weeks for me to get one.
Oh, I can hardly wait and sit still. I'm jealous.
" Beginning Plants Aquaria " by Scott, Professor Tan's article on mosses ,,,,,,,?
That's exactly what I would like to read.
Will you, anybody, do me a favor ? Anybody who is supposed to come to Tokyo in about a week for the Nature Aquarium Party.
I'd appreciate it if you'd bring your copy and show us all at the party ? Provided that it's quite light, though. For you should not add anything to your baggage while you are a turist.

Eishi  in  Tokyo

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